Nothin’ Better than S’mores

How to Make Smores
Photo by Marta Bartolomei Edmonds.
Camping would not be complete without this simple and gooey dessert we so lovingly call s’more. The whole experience of making s’mores is enjoyable: you sit around a campfire and watch the flames kiss and burn the pillowy sweet marshmallows at the end of your stick and when the marshmallow is golden and just about to melt right off the stick you make a marshmallow and chocolate graham cracker sandwich. Yum!
Scott, Angelica and I enjoyed this all-American campfire treat this Fall during our stay at the Green Mountain Club Wheeler Pond Cabin in northeastern Vermont. We needed a little Fall escape and this long weekend trip was just the cure from stressful New York City living.
The rustic cabin faces Wheeler Pond and is surrounded by mountains covered in colorful fall foliage. We packed in our provisions which included an assortment of freshly made marshmallows (vanilla bean, cinnamon, raspberry and rosemary) from Three Tarts , some Hershey chocolate bars and graham crackers. Scott started a fire and found a perfect stick for marshmallow roasting. We all sat around the fire and proceeded to have a s’more feast. It’s one of those treats you can’t help yourself around. We were giddy, oooohing and aaahing, licking our fingers and giggling like kids.
Three Tarts marshmallows are absolutely delightful in s’mores, as you can see from Angelica’s face in the photo, below. Sandra and Kiyomi, pastry chefs at Three Tarts, make the marshmallows fresh daily and use fresh herbs, spices and fruit pulp to create their incredibly intense and wonderful marshmallows.
Our long weekend in Vermont seemed longer thanks to the quiet serenity of the cabin and the abundance of fresh crisp air. As we drove away from the cabin toward Burlington, we tuned the radio to NPR and heard news that the stock market had fallen nearly 800 points in one day. An uncertain reality to come off of our s’more and fresh air high.
Read a little more about our trip here. And learn more about s’mores here.

Photo by Marta Bartolomei Edmonds.
Hershey chocolate bar
graham crackers
1. Arrange two squares of graham cracker on top of a piece of foil (enough to cover the s’more). Place a piece of chocolate on one cracker.
2. Roast the marshmallows by placing one in a skewer and gently rotating it over an open flame (a campfire, grill, stove top flame or even electric range will do just fine).
3. When the marshmallow is golden and soft on the inside, remove it from the flames and place it on the chocolate cracker. Top it with the second cracker and cover the sandwich in foil. Place it over embers or grill (or in the oven if you are using your stove) to melt the chocolate and warm the crackers, watching for it not to burn. Remove, unwrap and serve hot.

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