Strawberries and Candlelight

Fresh Vermont Strawberries
Photo by Scott, Angelica or Marta.
This picture was taken a few hours after we arrived at the cabin. It was getting dark by the time we got there. No electricity or running water. We hauled our piles of stuff like city folk down the path: blankets, pillows, backpacks, a cooler. When we got to the cabin it was pitch dark. We used windable flash lights to make out the general layout of the cabin. Scott and Angelica made a fire in the woodstove as I started thinking about feeding us. We lit candles and sat around the wooden table drinking wine, eating fire-roasted hot dogs and enjoying these sweet Vermont strawberries.
Simplicity is priceless. No agenda, no judgment, no distraction. Just the soft song of the trees, the smell of wood, fire’s warmth and each other’s company to enjoy with these ripe fruit.

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